kkk robes in class gi KKK robes in class spark debate at Las Vegas schoolTwo high school students in Las Vegas, Nev. went the extra mile for their U.S. history presentation, wearing Ku Klux Klan robes while speaking to their class.  While the students’ decision to wear the outfits has led to a debate on what is and isn’t appropriate, there were no punishments given.

The Associated Press reports Scott Walker, principal of Las Vegas Academy, wrote a letter to parents after receiving complaints when photos of the students in the robes appeared online. “While the presentation was designed to highlight the atrocities committed by the Klan, and there was no intention to harm or offend on the part of the students,” Walker says, “it was in poor judgment and inappropriate for students to go to such lengths to convey their message.”

The teacher of the class is receiving support from school officials and members of the community. Clark County school Trustee Linda Young, the only black member of the school board, stands behind the teacher and believes she meant no harm. Meanwhile, a middle school teacher in Ohio is facing termination after posting a photo of her students with duct tape across their mouths to Facebook.

Las Vegas Academy also came under scrutiny last year during a production of “Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” in which the N-Word was used.

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