abbie cornish rap album gi 'Klondike' star Abbie Cornish releasing a rap album in 2014

When the name “Abbie Cornish” is brought up, rap music isn’t the first association that comes to mind. And yet the 31-year-old Australian actress, best known for her roles in Discovery’s “Klondike” and in the 2009 film “Bright Star,” says she will be releasing a rap album in 2014.

“I’m half-way through it,” Cornish tells E! News while promoting her new movie “Robocop.” “I go back into the studio at the end of February. It should be finished soon. It should be released toward the end of the year.”

Please let her go on tour.

Cornish, who previously performed with the band Blades, says her favorite rapper is Eminem. She clarifies that she has “eclectic taste in music,” though.

“My music collection goes from classical to jazz to blues. My favorite era is the sixties and seventies,” she says.

Of her album, Cornish reveals she is both composing and writing her songs. “I’m working with a lot of producers and musicians,” she says.

Still don’t believe it? Watch the visual proof below:

Posted by:Terri Schwartz