kobe bryants muse showtime gi Showtime's 'Kobe Bryant's Muse' documentary is different than 'Kobe Doin' Work'Kobe Bryant is inviting viewers into his life in his second documentary in five years, “Kobe Bryant’s Muse,” which will premiere on Showtime. Bryant says that this film tells a different story than his 2009 Spike Lee documentary, “Kobe Doin’ Work.”

“The Spike film that we did was really just an inside look at the game itself,” Bryant says. “This is different in the sense that it’s more introspective. It’s more about who or what has inspired me.”
Bryant describes the inspiration for this Gotham Chopra-directed project as beginning when he was coming up with the idea for 2014’s Nike campaign. He thought it would be “pretty cool to tell the genesis of where [his] mentality came from,” which sparked the Nike project. Bryant later realized the “muse” concept would be interesting to extend into a documentary.
“The reason why I felt like this film was fun to do what a lot of other athletes [with kids], … the questions that kept coming up were all about motivating their kids, reaching their kids,” Bryant says. “I felt like the film was fun to do because it could help. Maybe it could help somebody in whatever area they’re focused on, maybe it won’t. I’ll just share my story.”

He notes, “Once you gravitate to what you’re passionate about .. then everything you see around you becomes an inspiration to help you be better at that.
Just don’t expect Bryant to head to Hollywood after he retires. “I’m good,” he says with a laugh.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz