jason russell kony 2012 move Kony 2012's Jason Russell opens up about breakdown, relaunches Invisible Children effortLast March, Jason Russell’s Kony 2012 video inspired and moved people by the millions to raise awareness and funds to find and stop warlord Joseph Kony. Shortly after Russell became a household name, he suffered a public meltdown and was seen naked, ranting, and running through the streets of San Diego. The incident all but killed the momentum of Invisible Children’s cause.

This weekend, Russell opened up, speaking candidly about the unfortunate circumstances in order to clear the way for Invisible Children’s revamped effort and new 30-minute film. He admits that after his breakdown, he spent six weeks in care facilities before returning home and keeping a low profile as Invisible Children planned their next move.

“My mind betrayed me and I was hospitalized,” Russell says in the new
“If you’re put in the position to give answers to every question a dozen
times over, your mind starts to lose track of where you are, if you’ve
slept, who’s for you, who’s against you.”
He admits that the media firestorm surrounding Kony 2012 caught him off-guard, as did the widespread criticism of Invisible Children.

Watch the new short film, titled “Move,” below. Do you find it as inspiring as its predecessor? Are you still interested in being part of Invisible Children and spreading their message?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie