kourtney kardashian mommy b Kourtney Kardashian's Mommy Blog: 'Wood is good'Kourtney Kardashian and beau Scott Disick recently announced that they are pregnant with their second child. So naturally, Kourtney has started a Mommy Blog through E! Online. The first installment featured Kourtney showing off Mason’s closet in their New York City hotel room.

She used that as a way to talk about kids’ fashion, showing off Mason’s moccasins and gold supras, which are little gold sneakers. She also says, “Here in New York, it’s all about layering, which makes the outfits more stylish. So we have a bunch of jackets … I like mixing.”

She adds, “H&M makes amazing boys clothes and I think they’re really affordable.”

In the second installment, Kourtney talks children’s toys (and we quote):

“I love wooden toys. There’s a lot of benefits to wooden toys and puzzles versus plastic. The plastic toys could be toxic and especially when babies put toys in their mouths, it’s safer to have wooden. Wooden toys last longer, they’re more durable. They could last for generations and get passed down.

I think wooden toys are easier to clean. And like if you stepped on a plastic toy, it would likely break, where a wooden toy is definitely stronger and will last longer. And plastic toys when they do break or rip apart, they could have sharp edges.

I don’t think you need to make yourself crazy and get rid of every plastic that you have and your kids’ favorite toys, if they’re plastic. I just think to just have the knowledge of why wooden toys could be better than plastic toys, in general, is a good thing. Just like, everything in moderation.

And wooden toys are better for the environment too because the energy used to make plastic toys is worse than making wooden toys. And the wooden toys really never go out of style because they’re so classic looking … the tip of the day is ‘wood is good.'”

So … tune in for that every Monday at E! Online. Sister Khloe says Kourtney is the “greatest mom in the world.” How can we argue with that?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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