kris humphries nets gi Kris Humphries still in a relationship with the New Jersey NetsHis marriage only lasted 72 days, but Kris Humprhies‘ long-term relationship with the New Jersey Nets will continue for at least one more year.

Humphries signed a new one-year contract Wednesday (Dec. 21) to remain with the Nets, where he’s enjoyed his best seasons as an NBA player. He had been an unrestricted free agent after last season. Humphries also got a healthy raise: According to ESPN, the new contract is worth $8 million this season, up from the reported $3.2 million he made in 2010-11.

Now he can presumably go back to being known as a capable power forward — he was fifth in the NBA in rebounds per game last season with 10.5, to go along with 10 points per game — in addition to that guy who was married to Kim Kardashian for a little less than half of the NBA lockout.

“Life just happens,” Humphries tells ESPN, obliquely referring to the marriage he’s not really allowed to talk about, thanks to a confidentiality clause in the prenuptial agreement. “I’m a positive thinker. In life I always look at the things that I can control, which is being ready and working on my game.”

Humphries rejoins the Nets only a few days before the regular season begins — the team plays its first game Dec. 26.

Posted by:Rick Porter