kris jenner kanye west kim kardashian attack gi Kris Jenner: 'Somebody got really out of line' in alleged Kanye West assault

Someone is finally speaking out about Kanye West’s alleged attack on a teen who verbally assaulted Kim Kardashian with racial slurs. Kris Jenner may be busy doing press, but she still is in the know about her daughter’s personal life.
During an interview on Australia’s 2DayFM, the “Keeping Up with the Kardasians” star says, “I do know that how it started was this person got really, a lot of racial, hateful, horrible things that he was saying.” 
She doesn’t necessarily have any inside information though, as Jenner continues, “I’ve literally been doing press all day today and have not been home so I haven’t talked to anybody to give you a better update. But somebody got really out of line.”
As for how Jenner keeps tabs on her family, since they are always on the move, there is a simple solution. “If I don’t have my little Google Alert every morning, how am I going to keep up with these Kardashians?” she wonders.

Kardashian is reportedly looking to pursue charges against the man who yelled at her, claiming he said “I will kill you, slut,” which she takes as a threat.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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