kristen bell veronica mars good morning america live gi Kristen Bell discusses 'Veronica Mars' movie and peeing at the Oscars on 'GMA,' 'Live'

Kristen Bell is a busy woman. Coming off her appearance at the 2014 Oscars and with the “Veronica Mars” movie about to be released, she’s doing the talk-show rounds this week, guesting on both “Good Morning America” and “Live with Kelly and Michael” Monday (March 10).

Bell continued her always-entertaining streak by talking about the movie and how to use the bathroom at the Academy Awards.

On the topic of “Veronica Mars,” Bell points out that she had always wanted to make the movie “since the day the show was canceled.” Considering that Bell also mentioned a short shooting schedule — 24 days — and a lack of much payment for the cast, this really was a labor of love for everyone.

Further talk brought up a comparison to “The Godfather” (think “they pulled me back in”) and praise for Bell’s husband: “We got a nice little stud-muffin cameo from Dax Shepard,” Bell says.

The actress was happy to talk about her very first trip to the Academy Awards — especially about how much trouble her dress was for her. Apparently, she spent hours getting into it and getting made up. But then it was a bit of an issue when it came time to pee. “There was a situation … There was a mason jar involved,” Bell explains with a laugh. “Like you guys haven’t peed into a mason jar before!”

Whether the rest of the world has or not, it’s terribly amusing to hear about Bell’s experiences in that area.

Posted by:Laurel Brown