kristen bell idina menzel d23 gi Kristen Bell: 'Frozen' character is 'awkward,' 'Veronica Mars' footage 'looks radical'

Kristen Bell appeared at Disney’s 2013 D23 Expo recently to promote her upcoming animated feature film, “Frozen.” Backstage she tells Zap2it her character Anna is highly reflective of her own personality.
“I feel like I came with all these weird ideas that I had had in my mind forever about, ‘I want to see a Disney heroine that’s … not elegant, that doesn’t have great posture,” Bell says. 
“‘And I want her to put her foot in her mouth like I feel I do all the time. And I want her to be awkward, and weird, and too excitable,'” she explains. “And [the filmmakers] were really receptive to all of those character traits, and really just let me stand in front of the microphone and talk. And they used quite a bit of it.” 
Bell reveals in the video below it’s been a lifelong dream to see herself on-screen as an animated character. “It was actually the first kind of priority I ever remember having for myself,” she says. “The first goal I set as like a 5-year-old girl was, watching ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Aladdin’ on a loop, I thought, ‘I need to be in one of these movies.'”
As for the storyline, “Frozen,” like other recent Disney films, breaks the mold of the hero and heroine, and opts for sister power instead. “It’s a really unique story about family, more than it is about any sort of falling in love aspects,” Bell says. “And so it’s different for a Disney movie.”
Bell’s “Frozen” co-star Idina Menzel, who plays Anna’s sister Elsa the Snow Queen, says this is a bit of a feminist movie for Disney. “I’m really proud of that,” Menzel tells Zap2it. “It has everything, but it’s essentially about sisterhood. I think that these two women are competitive with one another, but always trying to protect each other — sisters are just so complicated. It’s such a great relationship to have in movies, especially for young kids.”
Another film drawing much buzz for Bell is “Veronica Mars,” which wrapped shooting in July. Fans have been given special casting tidbits along the way, thanks to director Rob Thomas‘ Kickstarter updates. So we asked Kristen if there are any more surprises she can tease. “Well, I’ve seen some footage and it looks radical,” she tells Zap2it. “I don’t know if the fans know that yet. It’s in the beginning stages of editing right now, so we’re kind of all waiting to see the first string of it together.”
“Frozen” is in theaters Nov. 27. “Veronica Mars” is due next year.

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