kristen bell wb Kristen Bell revives 'Veronica Mars' movie campaign: Is there hope?When a beloved television show ends, it’s practically expected for the fans to demand more, more, more. Usually, the stars are the ones who are reluctant to join the cavalry at the studio door. (We’re looking at you, Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham.)

Leave it to former “Veronica Mars” star Kristen Bell to break the pattern. Over three years have passed since her spitfire teen detective made her final appearance, but Bell refuses to give up the dream. Bell took to her Twitter today (September 2) to re-ignite the Neptune flame.

“Mars fans-can we bug @wbpictures & tell em they must do a VM film?? new tactic. bombard em w/tweets, there’s evidence of fans they cant ignore,” she writes. She doesn’t stop there.

“#veronicamars fans send petitions & any obsessive behavior you have to @wbpictures & demand the film. they see no audience for it? i beg to differ.”

Bell explains that since Warner Bros. owns the rights to “Veronica Mars,” the movie depends on the studio — unless they release the rights. “They gotta make it, or set it free!” she says. “We would be happy to make it privately!”

Team Zap2it is so, so, so on board with the demand for the movie. The last time we saw Veronica, she was walking through the rain after having been relegated back to the seventh circle of social hell. Let’s just say it was the exact opposite of driving off into the sunset. With her status as an underdog once again secure, there’s plenty of material left for a movie.

Plus, there’s that whole unresolved Veronica/Logan (Jason Dohring) love-hate thing. We simply can’t let it go until we’ve got closure!

Want to join the fight? Direct your tweets to @wbpictures with the hashtag #veronicamarsmovie. Then sign a petition or two, and join this Kristen-sanctioned Facebook group.

Veronica Mars may be a marshmallow, but she’s also smarter than you, Warner Bros. Let’s prove it!

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie