kristen bell dax shepard wedding gi Kristen Bell 'too lazy' to marry 'Parenthood's' Dax Shepard“Veronica Mars” star Kristen Bell and her fiance and baby daddy, “Parenthood’s” Dax Shepard, are simply “too lazy” to get married, according to Bell.

The couple have been engaged since 2009, but famously swore off marriage until same-sex couples could lawfully wed in the actors’ home state of California. When the Supreme Court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act, also known as Prop 8, unconstitutional in June, Kristen proposed to Dax via Twitter. His response was an exuberant “F*** Yes!!!!!!!!!!!” but that’s as far as the wedding plans went.
“Now we’re just waiting on our own laziness,” Bell tells E! News. “I have to unfortunately report that we just haven’t gotten it together on a Saturday to get to the court house. But we have every intention to.”
Bell also reveals she and Shepard may go a rather unconventional route with their nuptials. “I think we just found out that you can do it online now,” says Bell. “What if we got married online? Print it out: ‘You guys, married! Married, everybody!'” Well, if a Twitter proposal from the wife-to-be is their M.O., why not an online ceremony?

The pair welcomed their first child, a daughter named Lincoln Bell Shepard, in March.
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