cavallari glass bikini Kristin Cavallari's life is not tragic enough for 'Dancing With the Stars'In a surprise elimination,
 was booted from “Dancing With the Stars” this week despite the judges mostly approving of her Beyonce moves during “Crazy In Love.”

On Jimmy Kimmel’s show later that night, Cavallari blamed the fact that she chose an uplifting song. The theme this week involved the contestants performing dances that represented a special year in their lives.

Perhaps Kimmel put it best.

“Last night, you each had to dance to a song you picked from a memorable
year of your life. [J.R. Martinez], he picked the year 2003, when he was
severely injured by a landmine in Iraq. Rob Kardashian — 2003, the
year his father died. Chynna Phillips — 1990, the year she quit abusing
drugs. Nancy Grace — 2007, the year her twins were born prematurely
and spent time in the ICU. David Arquette — 2010, his marriage fell
apart and he started drinking heavily. Ricki Lake — 2010, got divorced
and her house burned down,” he said. “Your year was 2005 and it was most memorable because you had to choose between going to college and being on a reality show.”


“Looking back, maybe I should have done something a little bit sad,” Cavallari said, musing that perhaps she should have reflected on her breakup with former fiancee Jay Cutler (who she’s since reconciled with).

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie