Kristin Chenoweth already ate one thing she found disgusting for the sake of charity, and now she is considering doing another. The last time she was on “The Tonight Show,” Jay Leno said that he would give Chenoweth’s charity a $500 donation if she ate sea urchin. The catch? Chenoweth absolutely despises seafood.

Chenoweth came back on “The Tonight Show” on Aug. 22 and claimed that people came up to her in the streets to say Leno shortchanged her. She and Leno made a deal that Chenoweth would come back on the show and eat something Leno considers more interesting, and then he’ll donate another $1,000. That’s when things got interesting.

During a conversation about Chenoweth’s recent trip to Australia, she started talking about how baby kangaroos eat their own poop. A light bulb goes off in Leno’s head, and he offers, “$1,000. ” When Chenoweth asks disbelievingly, “My poop?” he responds, “No, no that’s disgusting.” It seems like there are some things Chenoweth won’t do for the sake of her charity, Maddie’s Corner.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz