gaga googoo getty mindcandy Lady Gaga beats Lady Goo Goo in London courtAnd now for a legal update…

In the hotly contested case of Gaga vs. Goo Goo, the court sides with the plaintiff.

Lady Gaga has secured an injunction against Mind Candy, a London-based firm that’s created more than 50 videos featuring animated versions of a baby who goes by the name of Lady Goo Goo. Some of the songs the starlet-in-the-making sings include “The Moshi Dance” and “Peppy-razzi.”

The court, citing potential “consumer confusion,” ruled that Mind Candy is prohibited from “promoting, advertising, selling, distributing, or otherwise making available to the public The Moshi Dance or any musical work or video which purports to be performed by a character by the name of Lady Goo Goo, or which otherwise uses the name Lady Goo Goo or any variant thereon.”

Goo Goo is still allowed to appear in a Moshi Monsters game, but without any of the music.

Mind Candy responded to the ruling by calling it “a dangerous precedent” and “a huge disappointment.”

Here’s the video. What do you think?

Posted by:David Eckstein