lady gaga you and i cover interscope Lady Gaga bros out as Jo Calderone on 'You and I' cover, 8 tweets from video premiereBeyonce is to Sasha Fierce as Lady Gaga is to… Jo Calderone.

No, we’re not just reminiscing over antiquated SAT-style questions, we’re referring to the male alter ego of Gaga, who’s prominently featured on the cover of her new single.

The pop star tweeted out a picture of the “You and I” cover on Aug. 5. And though it clearly is a woman, it also looks a bit like “Saving Private Ryan” star Adam Goldberg dressed up for a community theater production of “Grease.”

Boasting the most followers of anyone on Twitter, with 12,348,242 and counting, you might think that Gaga would use the outlet fairly often. But you’d be wrong.

The “You and I” cover was only her 992nd tweet. Fans are probably paying especially close to that number right now, given Gaga’s promise to release the “You and I” video when she hits 1000 tweets.

We did a little mental math, taking Gaga’s tweet frequency into consideration, and unless she gets particularly chatty in the next few days, you can expect the “You and I” clip to arrive on or around Friday, Aug. 12.

For now, you can enjoy the audio…

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell