lady gaga siriusxm getty Lady Gaga faces Chinese ban; Artist's songs may 'harm the security of state culture'Lady Gaga has been called a number of things — fashion icon, pop diva, Jo Calderon even the most powerful woman in entertainment. But it’s likely she’s never been termed a cultural security risk … until now.

Gaga along with Beyonce, Katy Perry and others have been banned from Chinese music sites for not complying with required government screening, this according to the AP.

Chinese Ministry of Culture officials made the order Aug. 19. The ban
includes Gaga’s songs Bloody Mary, Hair, Marry the Night and The Edge of
Glory, all from her latest album “Born this Way.”

In a statement the Chinese said songs that “harm the security of state culture must be cleaned up and regulated under the law”.

China requires every song posted on music sites receive government approval, a policy they implemented in 2010. They explain the policy is an effort to control both content and piracy.

In a strange twist, the Backstreet Boys were also part of the ban for their song “I Want It That Way.” The tune came out in 1999.

Chinese music sites have until Sept. 15 to comply or face punishment.

Posted by:David Eckstein