lady gaga naked perez hilton Lady Gaga nude pictures released by Perez Hilton amid feud

Blogger Perez Hilton just took his feud with Lady Gaga to a whole new level. The former friends have been publicly fighting for the past month, and though it’s unclear what exactly caused the falling out, it just resulted in Hilton releasing photos of Gaga completely naked. The images, which Zap2it won’t post here, can be found on Hilton’s Twitter account.

It started when Hilton posted an image of the Mother Monster topless with red lipstick-painted nipples, which was taken from her V magazine spread. “If you’re under the age of 18, don’t view THIS,” he posts. That was followed by another nude photo and a link to a The Guardian article with the line excerpted, “People think I’m finished.” The implication Hilton is making about Gaga’s career from that is pretty clear.

Those posts were followed by another nude photo of Gaga grabbing her vagina, and the caption, “Scratch that itch! Warning: NSFW!” Then Hilton posted an image of a makeup-less Gaga completely nude with one leg lifted in the air and a hand covering her privates. “@LadyGaGa really loves getting fully naked! And it looks like she doesn’t have any hair on her vagina HERE,” he writes.

These posts seem nothing more than petty, and Gaga has not yet responded to the tweets. Clearly these photos were taken with the intent that they be revealed, and she has no problem getting naked for what she considers art. Who do you think comes out looking worse in this situation?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz