gaga born this way cover Lady Gaga: Plagiarism claims 'retarded' for 'Born This Way' vs. 'Express Yourself'About every few months, some celebrity gets in trouble for saying something non-PC. Kobe Bryant had his gay slur, Jennifer Aniston dropped the r-word. Now it’s Lady Gaga‘s turn.

In an interview with NME magazine, the interviewer wants to talk about “Born This Way” and the comparisons to (and cries of plagiarism of) Madonna‘s hit “Express Yourself.”

Lady Gaga says, “I’m not stupid enough to put out a record and be that moronic … I’m a songwriter. I’ve written loads of music. Why would I try to put out a song and think I’m getting one over on everybody? That’s retarded. What a completely ridiculous thing to even question me about.”

“If you put the songs next to each other, side by side, the only similarities are the chord progression,” she continues. “It’s the same one that’s been in disco music for the last 50 years. Just because I’m the first f****** artist in 25 years to think of putting it on Top 40 radio, it doesn’t mean I’m a plagiarist, it means I’m f****** smart.”

“I’m sure you want to address it, but it’s just so ridiculous. I was f****** shellshocked by it … [starts crying] I feel honestly that God sent me those lyrics and that melody,” says Gaga. “When you feel a message to give to the world and people are shooting arrows through it … there’s no way for something that pure to be wrong.”

Now, we think that people often get a little sensitive when it comes to things like this. We don’t think Lady Gaga has some kind of hate on for people with mental or physical disabilities. The r-word is just something people say without thinking. Doesn’t make it right or appropriate, but we doubt there was any hate behind it.

That being said … Lady Gaga is a big proponent of LGBT rights and there’s no way she would’ve said, “Why would I try to put out a song and think I’m getting one over on everybody? That’s gay.”

What do you think, Pop2it readers?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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