gaga taylor magazines Lady Gaga routs Taylor Swift in 2010 magazine cover battleBy just about every measure, Taylor Swift had a pretty great 2010. She won a bunch of awards, including the Grammy for album of the year, made her acting debut in “Valentine’s Day” and continued her run on the charts.

One thing she didn’t do all that well, though? Move magazines with her picture on the cover. In that particular field, she pales in comparison to Lady Gaga.

WWD reports that Gaga is the magazine-cover champion of 2010, based on Audit Bureau of Circulation figures for monthly and bi-weekly mags. Her Rolling Stone cover in July (the issue that also included the job-ending profile of Gen. Stanley McChrystal) sold three times the number of newsstand copies an average RS issue does. Gaga’s cover of Cosmopolitan was the year’s top seller (through October, anyway), while her Vanity Fair cover was second for the year, behind Angelina Jolie.

Swift, on the other hand, didn’t do the magazines that featured her out front any favors. Her April cover of Elle was the year’s worst-selling issue (60,000 below average). The November Glamour with Swift on the cover was the year’s second-worst seller, while her Marie Claire cover in July was that mag’s third-worst performer of 2010.

Rihanna (No. 1 cover for Seventeen, No. 2 for GQ) also had a pretty good year on magazine covers, WWD reports, while the likes of Blake Lively (bad for Esquire and Vogue but great for Allure) and Jennifer Lopez (bad for Elle, good for Glamour and Allure) had mixed results.

Posted by:Rick Porter