Lady Gaga is appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Monday (Nov. 25), but here are a few sneak peek clips that the show released early.

On her hip surgery earlier this year:

“I guess I danced really hard and … I don’t know what hurts the most after I’ve been on tour for nine months. And I love you all so much, I don’t know how to not go on. I just love being a performer so much and I’m just happy to be back and I’m, you know, I’m feeling like myself again and I’m just starting to rehearse and I’m getting ready for my next tour which will be next year and I can’t wait to perform for you.”

On buying Michael Jackson’s tour wardrobe:

“I heard that they were auctioning off his tour clothes and these are my most prized possessions. … The ones that are my favorite are the ones that I wear every night when I’m on stage with the fans and I imagine that he felt the same way … so I really wanted to preserve that for him because it made me feel kind of crazy, the thought of a bunch of rich people each buying one piece. Then they get scattered to the winds and where do his tour clothes go? And I thought if I buy them all I can put them somewhere nice.”

When asked if she would dare wear anything, like the “Thriller” jacket:

“No, I would never do it. There’s a couple pieces that spoke to me that they were OK with it … talking to clothes like ghosts, but none of the pieces that his fans would recognize. I would never wear any of them. There was one sweater, that’s like a letterman sweater that says MJ on it and there is a jacket that says ‘Stop the Filthy Tabloid Press’ on the back and I don’t go out in them, but when I’m in the studio or if I’m feeling down I’ll wear them because I think he would have been OK with that. But I don’t know. But I am taking care of his clothes  … and for any Michael Jackson fan that’s watching … it’s very pristine … and it’s perfect.”

On her boyfriend, “Chicago Fire” actor Taylor Kinney:

“He’s a hidden weirdo. He is extremely strange, actually, and we complement each other’s weirdness. That’s actually one of the first things he ever said to me. It’s a Dr. Seuss quote that you find in someone else a compatible weirdness. And it was one of the first things he’s said to me. … When we first met we were on the set of the ‘You and I’ video and I looked ridiculously crazy. I mean, cause I really, when we’re putting together some of these set ups I get really excited about what it all means and it’s this scene where he’s electrocuting me to bring me back to life to the woman that he once loved.

So I’ve got these pins sticking out of my head and I’m wearing cork and I got no hair and I’m bald. And I mean, why he found me attractive just completely behooves me. And we were in the middle of this scene and I remember that he kissed me and it wasn’t scripted for him to kiss me and I was sort of like was um, you know, was that real or was that fake? And he didn’t really say anything and that was fine by me and we kept filming. And you know, at the end of the day, he’s my best friend and having your lover be your best friend — I mean, it’s the best thing ever. It’s the best thing I can say about it.”

On Elton John, whose kids are her godchildren:

“He’s my family. He’s like my dad, like a dad. … His babies, they are so amazing. These babies are really incredibly loved, I spoil them rotten whenever I’m with them. When Gaga mother comes, there’s always a basket bigger than they are.”

In the Elton John clip, she also goes on to talk about her problems with substance abuse and how deeply personal her songs are on “ARTPOP,” her new album — especially the song “Dope.” “It’s one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written,” she says.

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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