Things are wonderfully weird again in the world of Lady Gaga. After her straightforward, nostalgic clip for “Edge of Glory,” the pop star returns with a decidedly more epic video for the Nebraska-loving ballad, “You and I.”

As promised, Gaga released the video on the occasion of her 1000th post on Twitter, and it showcases her in many different iterations. She’s a lovesick cyborg walking a rural street, she’s a mermaid flopping around in a metal tub, she’s the experiment of some mad, shirtless scientist and, most notably, she’s her male alter ego, Jo Calderone.

Calderone — a Sicilian mechanic, don’t you know? — oozes machismo in a scene where Gaga serenades him/herself at a piano plopped into the middle of a cornfield.

But it’s the other leading man who really has our interest. That shirtless Dr. Frankenstein is none other than “Vampire Diaries” alum and deceased werewolf Taylor Kinney. It’s not the starring role on a series we at Zap2it are obviously pulling for, but it’s good to see him again without a gaping hole in his chest.

Alright fans and foes, does the new Gaga live up to your expectations?

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell