lance armstrong postal service gi Lance Armstrong: Postal Service should have known I was doping

Lance Armstrong is firing back at the United States government in regards to a lawsuit alleging he and other cyclists who used performance enhancing drugs defrauded their team’s former sponsor the U.S. Postal Service by claiming that the government institution should have known he was doping.

According to Armstrong’s 25-page rebuke of the claims against him, the Postal Service knew of reports that he was using performance enhancing drugs but “did nothing.” Of course, Armstrong denied that he was doping at the time, though we now know he was. Armstrong’s lawyers write that the “Postal Service renewed the Sponsorship Agreement” despite doping reports and “basked in the favorable publicity of its sponsorship.”

The lawsuit against Armstrong, filed in 2010 by former teammate Floyd Landis, says he defrauded the government by taking Postal Service sponsorship dollars with the understanding “there would be no use of performance-enhancing drugs on the team,” The Wall Street Journal reports. Lawyers on Armstrong’s side fired back that the Postal Service contract didn’t specifically prohibit performance-enhancing drugs.

The court docket says that the government and Landis’ team are expected to respond in September. If Armstrong and the others named in the lawsuit are found at fault, they will be liable to pay roughly $120 million, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz