britney spears lance bass gi Lance Bass wishes Britney Spears a happy 30th birthday, we swoonWe’ll admit it: late-’90s/early-’00s pop stars talking to each other on Twitter still makes us swoon like 13-year-olds at an N’Sync concert.

So when ex-N’Sync-er Lance Bass wished Britney Spears a happy 30th birthday via an adorable video on Twitter, we totally swooned. Then, we pretty much died when Brit Brit wrote an adorable note back to her old pal.

In his video, Bass tells Britney, “Hey Brit, I just wanted to say welcome to the 30 club! I miss you, see you soon, and have a wonderful birthday.”

Spears responded, telling Bass, “Thank u Lance for taking the time to make the video. You knew me when I was celebrating my 18th! Wow. Feels like yesterday. Xxoo”

So true. It does feel like yesterday. Anybody else feeling old right now? Or are you too busy “Awwww”-ing at this little exchange?

Posted by:Jean Bentley