lara logan leave of absence 60 minutes cbs Lara Logan takes leave of absence from CBS after '60 Minutes' Benghazi blunderFollowing the apology for her discredited “60 Minutes” report about the Benghazi scandal, it’s been revealed that Lara Logan will be taking a leave of absence from the program as well.

In an email to staff on Tuesday (Nov. 26), CBS News chairman Jeff Fager writes, “I have asked Lara Logan, who has distinguished herself and has put herself in harm’s way many times in the course of covering stories for us, to take a leave of absence, which she has agreed to do. I have asked the same of producer Max McClellan, who also has a distinguished career at CBS News.”

Fager, who is also the executive producer of “60 Minutes,” admitted he shoulders a small amount of the blame for the report. “I am responsible for what gets on the air,” he says. “I pride myself in catching almost everything, but this deception got through and it shouldn’t have.”

“This was a regrettable mistake,” he continues. “But there are many fine professionals at ’60 Minutes’ who produce some of the very best of broadcast journalism, covering the important and interesting stories of our times, and they will continue to do so each and every Sunday.”

Do you think Logan and McClellan are the only people who should face punishment for the discredited report?

Posted by:Billy Nilles