jonathan taylor thomas last man standing 'Last Man Standing': Jonathan Taylor Thomas facilitates big changes with 'Home Improvement' reunion and 5 more things to expectJonathan Taylor Thomas is reuniting with his former on-screen dad Tim Allen for the season finale of “Last Man Standing,” in which his character is the catalyst for some big changes around the Baxter house.

Here are six things to look forward to in “College Girl,” which airs Friday, March 22 and is the show’s season finale:

  • Kristin finds out her former diner co-worker Jon (Thomas) is now the owner of a swanky restaurant, which is the last straw in her feeling bad about her situation of making very little money and living at home.
  • JTT’s appearance is marked by some great nods to “Home Improvement,” including Tim Taylor’s signature catch phrase.
  • Will Kristin and Boyd move to notorious neighborhood Five Points because
    that’s all she can afford on her diner salary? We aren’t telling, but
    Mike and neighbor Chuck have some fun at Ryan’s expense when he tells
    them she’s considering it.
  • Speaking of neighbor Chuck, he “helps” Eve with her junior ROTC training, taking a page out of “Full Metal Jacket” — well, as “Full Metal Jacket” as a Friday night family sitcom is going to get.
  • Meanwhile, Mandy gets accepted to Laguna Beach University, which must be prestigious indeed, since its tuition eclipses the nation’s most expensive university (Columbia) by roughly $7000 per semester.
  • Based on how the episode ends for Kristin and her new situation, we have to wonder if this is the last we’ve seen of JTT on “Last Man Standing.”

“Last Man Standing” airs Friday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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