last resort finale andre braugher scott speedman 'Last Resort' finale: Marcustan, population 1It looks as though the commander of the Colorado and his XO will not part as friends in the finale of “Last Resort.”

In this charged scene from Thursday’s (Jan. 24) finale, Sam (Scott Speedman) — in jail following an out-of-control party the night before — and Marcus (Andre Braugher) argue about the crew’s mutiny and Sam’s knowledge of it.

“Call me a liar, a traitor,” Sam tells Marcus. “You’re a coward,” Marcus retorts.

Sam then wonders whether Marcus really wants to leave Sainte Marina, noting that while the island has been just a stop for himself and the rest of the crew, for Marcus “your new home, isn’t it? Marcustan, population one.”

“Last Resort’s” final episode airs at 8 p.m. ET Thursday on ABC. Take a look at the clip:

Posted by:Rick Porter