Thanks to Sunday’s (July 27) “Last Week Tonight,” we now know that the world will end in a hail of nuclear incompetence. John Oliver makes that very clear in a video detailing exactly how poorly the United States takes care of its more than 4,800 nuclear missiles.

From decaying facilities to computers too old to run “Oregon Trail” to generals more interested in partying in Russian restaurants, the whole situation surrounding the American nuclear facilities is terrifying. Opponents may cite the deterrent factor of the bombs, but as Oliver points out, that’s like over-emphasizing the importance of a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s arms: “They’re basically useless and you are plenty scary enough without them.”

Rather impressively, Oliver also details all of the reasons why these problems are likely to continue. Those are financial, institutional and political in nature. But that’s not exactly a good excuse for the world to end because of failure alone. “If humanity is going to be destroyed by a nuclear weapon, let’s at least have it be intentional,” Oliver points out.

He is very, very right.

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Posted by:Laurel Brown