lauren scruggs today Lauren Scruggs' terrifying plane accident: Pilot being investigatedModel, blogger, “Gossip Girl” wardrobe staffer and fashion editor Lauren Scruggs is lucky to be alive after an accident involving the propeller of a small plane cut her face, shoulder, and severed her hand. Her parents credit her devotion to Jesus Christ for getting her through the ordeal, but she’s not out of the woods yet.

The extent of Scruggs’ brain injury is still unknown, according to ABC News, and she may lose her left eye. Scruggs, who was not drinking at the time of the accident, did lose her hand. While she hasn’t been conscious much since the accident, she has woken up for brief periods, telling doctors her name and telling her parents “I love you.”

The mystery is how, exactly, Scruggs managed to get caught in the propeller. Investigators are speaking to the pilot of the small plane, Kurt Richmond. Richmond is a friend of Scruggs’ family, and word is that her parents do not blame him for the tragedy. Still, there are questions as to why the propeller was running while a person was nearby.

“It is highly probable that Lauren was coming back and the pilot did not know that she was in the vicinity,” Aviation Consultant John Nance says, suggesting that Lauren returned to the plane to thank Richmond after the flight. “It would be one of your worst nightmares to see somebody looming up out of the darkness towards a propeller that’s running.”

“We’re just praying that, her left eye will regain its sight. It’s just going to be a long journey, a long recovery,” her father, Jeff Scruggs, says.

UPDATE: Scruggs’ website now proudly reports that she has taken her first post-accident steps. “This morning … the physical therapist assisted Lauren in walking for the first time,” the site reads. “Once she got halfway there, she said, ’30.’ Not sure what she
meant, [her family] asked her what that means, she replied, ‘Steps!’
What a praise, she was counting every step that she took!”

As for the eye, Lauren’s family continues to worry. “The left eye is still non-responsive, the doctors will continue
monitoring it for the next few days,” the update reads.
“Please pray [for] Lauren as she begins to learn the extent of her

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