“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” said goodbye to one of its originals — Capt. Donald Cragen — in Wednesday’s (Jan. 15) episode, “Amaro’s One-Eighty.” After 15 seasons of “Law & Order: SVU,” plus three seasons on the original “Law & Order,” Dann Florek is off the case.

Most of the episode didn’t exactly deal with Cragen’s departure. Instead, the focus was on Detective Amaro’s potential indictment for shooting a teenager in the line of duty. But as soon as the case was done, “Law & Order: SVU” got back to Cragen’s goodbye.

“I didn’t want to announce this until Nick’s situation got resolved. But it’s done, and so am I.”

With those abrupt words, Cragen let his detectives know he was leaving for good. Instead of chasing down murderers, Cragen and his wife were going on an around-the-world cruise into retirement. Detective Benson was left in charge of the unit.

The best way to say goodbye to the character for good may be Florek’s final words on “SVU.”

“I gave my whole life to NYPD and I forgot to live my own. Me and Eileen, it’s a Hail Mary, a shot at happiness. People used to say this to me all the time and I didn’t know what they meant, but take care of yourself. You deserve it … Oh, and Olivia — do something with the place, will ya?”

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Posted by:Laurel Brown