odonnell taits Lawrence O'Donnell, 'birther queen' Orly Taitz clash about Obama“I invited a crazy person on this show to see if the crazy person… could say something responsive, something human, to the document that was released today… and she wants to play with all of her other kid’s toys.”

That was Lawrence O’Donnell’s response to Orlyz Taitz when the  “birther queen” appeared on his Wednesday (April 27) MSNBC show to talk about the release of President Obama’s long-form birth certificate.

Instead of answering O’Donnell’s repeated questions asking whether she and other birthers were now satisfied with Obama’s cred as an American, Taitz instead produced a copy of Obama’s Selective Service papers and accused him of committing Social Security fraud.

What WHAT?

Calling his show an “Obama propaganda machine,” Taitz refused — or flat out ignored — O’Donnell’s questions and continued to talk about the President’s Selective Service form and some Monday court date. Honestly, we couldn’t really hear over O’Donnell’s yelling.

We’re thinking we didn’t miss much.

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Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson