lea michele ricky martin Lea Michele teases major celebrities joining 'Glee,' dishes on Ricky MartinRicky Martin has been announced as joining “Glee” as a guest star this year (yes, we know) where he’ll play a super-sexy (duh!) Spanish teacher at McKinley High. Apparently, Mr. Schuester, the current teacher, leaves his post for some reason.

It won’t be the first time Martin has worked with “Glee” star Lea Michele. Michele recently reminded Access Hollywood that when she was a child star on Broadway, Martin joined her on stage. “[I’ve known] Ricky since [I was] 8 years old,” she says. “He was in ‘Les Mis’ with me when I was 8 years old on Broadway. I adore him. I think he would be great.”

Michele all but confirmed that Gloria Estefan would additionally come on board as Santana’s mother — but that’s not all. We’ve got two more big names joining the gang after the holidays, as well.

“Ryan [Murphy, ‘Glee’ co-creator] told me that we have four major stars coming onto the show,” Michele teased. “We’re on episode 10 of 22,” she said. “We really did take it back to
basics, focusing on the main characters. It’s going to amp up again.
We’re going back now to — I know we’re doing a theme episode of probably
the most famous artist in the entire world. We’re doing an episode of
their music.”

That would be Michael Jackson, of course, who was given tribute with a medley on Tuesday’s mid-season finale.

“We have some big celebrities coming on the show,” Michele adds. “We have
some shockers, some huge shocking stuff that when I read the script, I
threw the script across the room.”

Yes, we know.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie