Leah Remini’s life certainly has changed since she left the Church of Scientology. She competed in a season of “Dancing With the Stars,” started her own TLC reality show and, apparently, watched her mother start experimenting with body modification.

Both Remini and her mother Vicki Marshall stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to discuss, among other things, their new TV show and their family exit from Scientology. Remini hilariously admits that she was shocked by her mother’s choice in a tramp stamp (though Vicki calls it a “lower back tattoo”) of a jaguar and “other things.”
“It’s really inappropriate,” Remini admits. Fans will have to wait until the Reminis’ reality show premieres to actually see the tattoo.

As for their exit from the Church, Remini says, “Now that we’re gone, we’re learning new ways to reconnect with each other. It really has brought us closer together.” But not the tattoo, though; that’s something they aren’t getting closer over.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz