leap year 290 'Leap Year': Romantic comedy or horror movie?“Leap Year,” starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode, hits theaters Jan. 8, 2010. But just what kind of movie is it? You decide.

According to the release, “Leap Year” follows one woman’s quest “to get married to the perfect guy. Investing in an Irish tradition that allows women to propose to men on leap day, Anna (Amy Adams) decides to follow her boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott) to Dublin and get down on one knee herself.” 

“But airplanes, weather and fate have something else in store. Anna meets Declan (Matthew Goode) while stranded on the other side of Ireland and soon discovers that the road to love can take you to very unexpected places.” 

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leap year orig 'Leap Year': Romantic comedy or horror movie?The trailer may make it look like a romance, but we think the tagline belies something other than a romantic comedy. To the right is the poster for “Leap Year.” The tagline is: “Anne planned to propose to her boyfriend on February 29th … This is not her boyfriend.” How creepy is that?

Between the looks on Amy Adams and Matthew Goode’s faces, the femme fatale hand to the chest and the ominous “This is not her boyfriend” part of the tagline, we think it looks more like a horror movie than a romantic comedy. What do you think?

leap-year copy.jpg

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