Alright, Bron-Bron. We understand why you need to pick up some commercial work. The NBA is on strike and we imagine you own a pen full of albino pandas that need imported bamboo. But come on, man, have some self-respect.

The new commercial is for the return of McDonald’s popular Monopoly sweepstakes (author’s note: the McDonald’s Monopoly is much more fun in theory than in practice). The ad is promoting that the odds of winning are a staggeringly easy 1 in 4. When LeBron James is asked to share what the odds of him winning 7 championships are (as he publicly promised when he signed with the Heat), he simply says, “Come on, man.”

LeBron! When somebody says that to you, don’t smile and brush it off! Throw a basketball at their face! You gotta get tough if you wanna win in this league! And you don’t even wanna get us started on how putting a “1 in 4” chyron next to King James only makes us think about the number of quarters that LeBron quits on. BOOYAH!

P.S. A note to the actress playing “Stacy.” We’re not buying your subdued reaction to the fact that you just won a million dollars. Go big. Don’t be afraid to take it to a 10.

Posted by:janderson