kevin garvey leftovers bj and the ac 'The Leftovers' Season 1, episode 4 recap: 'B.J. and the A.C.'Warning: Major spoilers from
“The Leftovers” Season 1, episode 4, “B.J. and the A.C.” are contained in this article.

Last week’s episode “Two Boats and a Helicopter” left so much to live up to. And thankfully this week’s installment did not drop the ball. Although not a stand alone episode like the last, it was full of developed twists and turns that made us dying to see what comes next.

It’s Christmastime in Mapleton, which admitting felt super weird since it is airing in July, and yet again something in the town is missing. This time instead of a bagel or people, it is the baby Jesus doll from the city’s nativity scene. Jill Garvey seems a little too interested in where little B.J. has gone and tells Kevin if they just get a new one its “cheating,” seems like someone is definitely struggling with some mommy issues — but what else is new?

When Mayor Warburton bestows the mission of getting a new one to Chief Garvey, he instead sets out to prove it was Jill that stole it. His assumptions were completely right, but by the time he gets it back, Reverend Matt has already saved the day by replacing it. We can’t help but feel bonded to the Reverend after what we went through with him in the previous episode.

We learn a lot about Tom in episode four. When a crazy, pants less (full frontal alert) man attacks Christine, Tom is quick to defend her, but not before she gets a few bumps and bruises of her own. The man says he had a dream about her and “knows what’s inside her” — which might be the creepiest words uttered to a female on Television. But we later find out she is pregnant with Wayne’s baby and are even more disturbed. The man also tells her he knows she walks over the dead, who are all in white. When Christine goes to the hospital for her injuries from the attack, Tom has to get away, because they think he is responsible for her injuries.

While Tom is waiting for a bus, he is approached by members of the Guilty Remnant who hand him a pamphlet that says, “Everything that matters most about you is inside,” and guess what — the inside is blank. Tom sees this as a sign and goes back to get Christine from the hospital. On their bus ride, they are stopped by what at first one could assume are bodies in the road, wrapped in white bags from the “Loved Ones.” Giving them a closer look, we realize they are mannequins the leftovers bury in place of the departed. Still doesn’t explain why they are in the road, but at least Christine is excited the scene is “just like the dream.”

Kevin is unexpectedly visited by Laurie, who has Meg speak for her and asks for a divorce. We also finds out in this scene, Kevin is not Tom’s father. He “fixed another man’s mess” and loved him as his own son. This has us wondering if Tom’s father is the member of the departed who made Laurie go all wackadoodle.  Kevin refuses to grant her a divorce unless she can actually ask for it out loud. Although pained, she does not waiver from her beliefs. Jill arrives home just in time for the good stuff and gives her mother a parting Christmas gift, a lighter with “Don’t Forget Me” engraved on it. Even though Meg promises not to tell anyone if she keeps it, Laurie throws it in a sewage drain on their walk home.

Later at the dance, surprisingly Kevin and Nora have a flirty moment, before he arrests as many members of the “GR” he can. There are however, a large number of them missing, including Laurie and Meg, who are all out breaking into people’s homes stealing their pictures of the departed. We presume their purpose for doing this is so they no longer have them to hold on to.

At the end of the episode, Laurie asks to walk home alone and we see even though she acted strong and stoic in front of Meg, she desperately tries to retrieve the lighter out of the drain. Unfortunately her arms are just a tiny bit too short and she isn’t able to take that precious gift with her. This was a particularly intense moment too, as it appeared Kevin, who was driving in his car with little B.J., was going to either run over or get to speak one on one with his wife while she was desperately searching the drain — and it didn’t happen.

“The Leftovers” certainly knows how to keep a viewer on their toes. What did you think of tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments below.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins