legends wondercon sean bean tnt 'Legends' at WonderCon: Sean Bean and Ali Larter present new espionage TV thrillerSean Bean is returning to television in the new TNT action drama “Legends.” The series has only been in production for two weeks, but a number of clips were presented for the WonderCon Anaheim 2014 audience in attendance to give them a sense of the show.

“Legends” tells the story of Martin Odum (Bean), an undercover FBI agent in the Deep Cover Operations (DCO) division who takes on various identities known as “legends.” But Odum gets a bit too deep in his character, and another special agent named Tony Cimarro (Morris Chestnut) starts to investigate whether Odum is who he says — or believes — he is.
“There’s something happening to Martin Odum, and his quest in this show is trying to answer that question,” showrunner David Wilcox tells the audience at WonderCon. “It’s not what you expect.”
Ali Larter plays Crystal Quest, Odum’s handler who also has a history with Odum. The “Heroes” alum says she is excited about the show because of the way it shows the ways being a legend affects a person, and lets her tap into the “different parts of myself.”. “For this show, what I think is riveting about it is getting into the emotional underbelly of these really strong characters,” she says.
“The whole basis of the show is … ‘who am I?’ That’s an exciting prospect to me,” Larter continues. “It’s the idea for all of us is you can start up playing one person and end up in a completely different place just by how these people’s lives are yanked around.”
Then there’s Tina Majorino who plays Maggie Harris, a new member of the DCO team who spends some time initially behind a computer on the show. Comparisons to Majorino’s “Veronica Mars” character Mac are hard to resist, but Majorino says she is excited to set the two characters apart.
“Maggie to me is a grownup. She’s lived a different life than Mac has,” Majorino says, clearly already exhausted with all of the Mac/Maggie jokes. “They’re two completely different people.” Wilcox adds, “She’s going to get out from behind the computer. You’re going to see her shoes, her legs; it’s going to happen.”
Due to the nature of legends, Bean will play multiple personas, sometimes playing other people. When asked how he switches between the different characters, Bean says, “Just changing my hairstyle, really. Put a wig on.” He continues seriously, “It’s fascinating because it’s an actor’s dream to play different characters.”
“The show is not driven by cases, it’s not driven by the caper. It really is driven by Sean’s character and the quest that he’s on and the question that’s raised in the pilot,” Wilcox says. “The more he digs into what this mystery is surrounding him, the more he gets trapped in this wilderness of mirrors where he has difficulties telling his legends from his life.”
Wilcox says he has a seven-season plan for “Legends,” and enjoys that each season will only be a concise 10 episodes. “Legends” premieres on Aug. 13, 2014 on TNT at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz