carrie-fisher-legit-FX-jim-jefferies.jpg“Legit’s” Wednesday (April 23) episode, “Licked,” saw both Bob Saget and Carrie Fisher in guest-starring roles, though Saget was a small cameo as himself at a comedy club.

Fisher, however, was playing Angela McKinnon, a show business executive who sees Jim Jeffries’ act and invites him to her office — to have sex. Jefferies wants to get a job based on his merits, but Angela says he has to show off what a cunning linguist he is in order to get his big break. So he does it.

However, in the 15 (sober) minutes Jim was down there, he apparently doesn’t do a good enough job, so Angela demands another meeting. Jim performs … better at this one, but more importantly he makes her laugh.

But when Angela leaves the network, Jim’s “holding deal” is put on hold, so he has to meet with another executive — this one played by Tom Arnold. And guess what he wants?

“I’m gonna have to say no,” says Jim.

Best Lines:

Angela: “There was literally like 17, 18 guys who could have played Chandler on ‘Friends,’ right? But Matthew Perry, he did something that none of the others did.
Jim: “Licked your p****?”
Angela: “Like a champ.”

Bob Saget: “Hey, how was Angela?”
Jim: “Pungent.”

Jim: “I licked an executive’s p****.”
Bob Saget: “I did that once back in 1987 and I got two hit shows out of it. But Angela was hot back then.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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