legit canceled fxx 'Legit' is the show you should have been watching, but didn't“Legit” has been canceled by FXX. After two strong seasons, the show about an Australian comedian (Jim Jefferies) and his two friends (Dan Bakkedahl and DJ Qualls) learning to cope with adult problems like alcoholism, sex addiction and disease will not be returning for a Season 3.

For those of you who adored this show like I did, it’s a hard blow. The cancelation makes sense in practical terms: “Legit” had poor ratings in Season 2, and on the business side they likely didn’t tick up enough to justify a pickup. But FX also sent the show to die on FXX, as it was only still finding its audience when the network shipped it off to another home that many people didn’t know about or didn’t subscribe to.

“Legit” changed people’s lives. How many other shows honestly can say that? It offered one of the most honest portrayals of disability on the small screen, played with a huge amount of heart and humor by Qualls. It was a fair show that dealt from everything like race and alcoholism to divorce and disillusionment. It was an important show, though not one many people watched.

While many fans are shouting for streaming services like Netflix or Amazon to save recently-canceled shows like “Community” and “Enlisted,” it’s doubtful any such hope exists for “Legit.” I wish DJ, Jim, Dan and Peter O’Fallon the best in whatever endeavor they pursue next. They’re sure to excel at it.

But for the audience who missed out on “Legit” while it was on the air, do yourself a favor and watch it now. There won’t be future antics with Jim, Steve and Billy, but the ones that happened are still worth watching.

“Legit” Season 1 is currently available for streaming on Netflix. The Season 2 finale aired on FXX Wednesday (May 14).

Posted by:Terri Schwartz