lena dunham scandal snl sketch embed Lena Dunham hosts 'Saturday Night Live': Watch the best and worst sketches

Lena Dunham took over hosting duties for “Saturday Night Live” on March 8, so how did the “Girls” star do?

It was clear from the beginning that nothing was off limits for Dunham, from making fun of her constant nudity on the HBO hit show, to spoofing pop culture favorites like “Scandal,” and even allowing some surprise guest stars steal the show. Check out her best (and worst) sketches below:

Best: Cold open — Obama gets help from Liam Neeson to threaten Russia

Nothing spices up an Obama impression like Neeson’s signature gravelly voice, threatening Vladimir Putin that the action star doesn’t like it when things like Crimea get “taken.”

Worst: Lena Dunham’s monologue

We all knew it was coming — making fun of all the nudity on “Girls.” So why did that have to be the focus of Dunham’s monologue?

Best: Biblical “Girl”

Now this was a fresh take on the nudity joke. Bonus points for Adam Driver as Adam.

Best: The Katt Williams Show, Oscars edition

Usually a drab sketch, the focus on the Oscars gave new life to this segment. Unexpected high point: Dunham’s impression of Liza Minnelli. 

Best: “Scandal” spoof

This sketch was hands down the winner of the night. Everything was spot on, from Olivia Pope’s expression of ecstasy from President Grant’s fondling of her face, to Huck’s ridiculous hacking skills, to Abby’s blase attitude, to Harrison’s pouty face, all down to Dunham’s new Gladiator, starstruck at just how fast everyone was talking. “Ummm … okay. I mean, I’ll totally go but you just talk so fast. I literally have a thousand follow up questions.” We are all this new Gladiator.

Best: Ooh Child

What could have just been a random sketch about a GPS holding a grudge against one person took on a whole new meaning in the last few seconds. 

Worst: “What Are You Even Doing?”

Not as good as the “Girlfriends Talk Show,” and that’s saying something. But then Jon Hamm showed up and we got even more confused. Even Hamm looked like he didn’t understand what he was doing there.

Worst: Jewelry party

This went on for far too long. Cecily’s flawless accent and the funny concept couldn’t save this sketch.

Best: Weekend Update

New anchor Colin Jost is doing a phenomenal job so far, and he had the best jokes this week. 

Best: Weekend Update special guest: Matthew McConaughey

Can we just have Taran Killam play Matthew McConaughey all the time? Please?

Worst: Weekend Update special guests: Vladimir Putin’s best friends from growing up

As great as it was seeing Fred Armisen make his way back onto the “SNL” stage, the cameo was wasted on this old sketch. Time to retire the “BFF” weekend update guests. 

Worst: “What’s Poppin’?”

Was this supposed to be spoofing MTV2 “Guy Code” stars Charlamagne Tha God and Lil Duval? Only about 1 percent of the audience even knows who those guys are. But this line had us laughing: “Tim is my rap name.”

Musical guest: The National

So what did you think of Dunham’s turn as host?

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum