lena dunham v magazine Lena Dunham is a Taylor Swift fangirl   Who knew?Lena Dunham admits something to V Magazine that comes as a surprise to many “Girls” fans: she is obsessed with Taylor Swift. And she’s not just being ironic, as one might suppose.

“When I tweeted that [Taylor’s] new album was amazing, every one of my Twitter followers was like, ‘I so hope that you’re joking,'” says Dunham. “But I have no interest in liking anything ironically. If I wanted to be ironic, I’d grow a mustache.”
Facial hair aside, Dunham says she and Swift have exchanged private messages via Twitter. When Lena realized Taylor was following her on the microblogging site, she sent Swift a message saying, “I just want to let you know that your albums have gotten me through a lot of very hard times.”
So, basically, Lena Dunham is just like every other Taylor Swift fangirl in America. Now we can’t help but picture her geeking out over Taylor a la Eden Sher on the AMAs red carpet.
Lena’s interview, along with a photo shoot by Terry Richardson, can be found in the Spring Preview 2013 issue of V. Aside from her love for Swift, Lena dishes on designers sending her free clothes, and eating cake for breakfast on the day of the Emmys. So, maybe she’s not exactly like all the other girls.
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