lena dunham shia labeouf skywriting twitter gi Lena Dunham, Shia LaBeouf discuss skywriting apology on Twitter

Shia LaBeouf‘s skywriting apology for plagiarizing Daniel Clowes has attracted a lot of attention. But some of the most amusing attention came on Saturday (Jan. 4) when Lena Dunham turned her considerable wit to the issue.

The two young show-business stars engaged in a brief but entertaining conversation via Twitter.

This skywriting debate comes after weeks of trouble in LaBeouf’s life after he was accused of plagiarizing his short film, “Howard Cantour.com,” from the work of Clowes. After many apologies for what LaBeouf saw as a mistake were not received well — partially because the apologies themselves contained more plagiarism — the actor made a grand gesture: He hired a skywriter to broadcast a new apology in the sky.

Some objected to this over-the-top response too. Dunham may have agreed with them. She started the Twitter discussion with her rather decided views on the mental state of those who deal in skywriting:

LaBeouf retweeted the message from the “Girls” creator and star, then added his own statement:

A second message shortly afterwards clarified that the message was to Dunham. He also (kind of) apologized for resorting to skywriting:

“Im addicted to lean & that s*** ain’t no joke. I can barely remember
all the things I’ve done & said. However there’s no excuse 4

When Dunham saw LaBeouf’s tweets, she expressed amusement and nostalgia:

LaBeouf first gained fame as a child actor playing Louis Stevens in “Even Stevens.”

Finally, Dunham pointed out that some of her skywriting rage may stem from childhood trauma:

It’s a happy ending (maybe) to an odd tale!

Posted by:Laurel Brown