lenny dykstra Lenny Dysktra: Ex MLB star to be released from jail 21 months early

Former Major League Baseball star Lenny Dysktra just got a big break. Dykstra pleaded no contest in 2011 to three grand theft auto charges and one charge of filing a false financial report, and was sentenced to three years in prison starting March 5, 2012. After only 15 months in jail, sources say Dykstra will be released from California prison early on June 16.

The Philadelphia Inquirer broke the news about Dykstra’s early release. Originally Dykstra faced 20 years in prison for his convictions, but a plea deal landed him with a smaller sentence. “I hope, for his sake, his family’s sake, and the public’s sake, that he doesn’t return to his criminal past,” “Nailed: The Improbable Rise and Spectacular Fall of Lenny Dykstra” author Christopher Frankie tells the Inquirer.

During his time in the MLB, Dykstra helped lead the Mets to win the 1986 World Series. He also helped bring the Phillies the 1993 National League title. Dykstra was named All Star three times and was awarded the Silver Slugger Award during his 12 year career.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz