leslie mann the other woman gi Leslie Mann's body couldn't handle kissing 'Game of Thrones' hottie Nikolaj Coster Waldau in 'The Other Woman'Leslie Mann did not try to play it cool when it came to promoting her on-screen love scenes with “Game of Thrones” star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in 20th Century Fox’s new movie “The Other Woman.” According to Mann, she was incredibly excited to make out with Jaime Lannister in real life, but her body did not cooperate.

“I was super excited to make out with the hot guy from ‘Game of Thrones,'” Mann says during a press conference promoting the movie. “I was so excited to make out with him, and then we did the kissing scene and he’s got this scruff, and I got red, but not just red — I broke out into full hives. And they thought maybe it was his aftershave or something. And we did it again, and I broke out in hives again.”

“It didn’t happen with Cameron [Diaz], though,” Coster-Waldau quips of his second on-screen love interest. Diaz notes, “I have a sturdy constitution.”

“The Other Woman” follows Diaz’s character as she finds out that her perfect boyfriend (Coster-Waldau) also has a wife (Mann) and another mistress (Kate Upton). The three women team up to get revenge on the cheating “prick,” which leads to plenty of comic mishaps. But don’t worry about Mann’s makeout scene with Coster-Waldau; as she says, “I finished the job. I got the job done.”

“I’ve been married [to Judd Apatow] for 17 years, and I was like, ‘Yes!'” Mann says of finding out she would get to kiss Coster-Waldau. “You know how actors are like, ‘Yeah, it’s really technical. Sex scenes are just so technical. Work.’ And I’m like, ‘That’s bulls***.'”

“The Other Woman” hits theaters on Friday (April 25).

Posted by:Terri Schwartz