“Let It Go,” the hit song from “Frozen,” got the sing-along treatment from “Good Morning America.” And the results were epic.

After showing several of the YouTube submissions of Elsa’s anthem (originally sung by Idina Menzel), “GMA” counted down to a live sing-along with a lot of participants.
They included:

  • Menzel and the cast of “If/Then”
  • Figure skaters in Bryant Park
  • Three princess-dressed soloists with the New York Children’s Chorus
  • The “GMA” hosts
  • Jack Hanna and a penguin?
  • Random members of the “GMA” crowd, including some military people and Starbucks baristas
  • Newsies
  • A church choir in Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan
  • A bunch of Disney employees at the company’s studio in Los Angeles
  • The cast of “Avenue Q”

The result is nothing short of amazing. “Frozen” is totally getting an Oscar for this song, isn’t it?

Posted by:Laurel Brown