liam hemsworth last song premiere gi Liam Hemsworth in violent street fight: Video of Miley Cyrus' fiance hitting another manWhile Miley Cyrus mourns the death of her beloved dog Lola, her fiance Liam Hemsworth is still filming a movie in Philadelphia. Early Sunday morning, though, he was involved in a brutal street brawl — and it wasn’t part of the film.

Sources tell TMZ that Hemsworth and his buddies were coming out of a bar when they thought that another man threw a rock at them. (Witnesses at the scene say they didn’t see any rock being thrown.) In the video uncovered by TMZ, one man is on the ground, clinging to Hemsworth’s leg, while Hemsworth punches him in the face and shoves him toward the pavement to try to shake him off.

Hemsworth’s friend appears to be holding the man down while Hemsworth gets his licks in.

In the video, the man Hemsworth punched can be heard slurring, “I don’t think he fared much better.” Police did arrive at the scene shortly after, but no arrests were made, and no charges have been filed.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie