lux shiri kris 'Life Unexpected's' Kristoffer Polaha: Are Baze and Cate soulmates?Many “Life Unexpected” fans were surprised last season when Cate (Shiri Appleby) followed through on her marriage to Ryan (Kerr Smith) despite her obvious feelings for her daughter’s father, Baze (Kristoffer Polaha).

Despite getting his heart broken, Baze is doing his best to pick up the pieces. “Baze is going to 100 percent respect the fact that Cate is married,” Polaha tells Zap2it. “He’s like, ‘I have to move on.'”

He’s moving on in a very Baze sort of way. He’s already slept with Ryan’s sister, Paige, and now he’s got to tango with his hot new boss, Emma (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s” Emma Caulfield). Is there a love triangle in the works there?

“If I told you that I’d be giving away some very interesting plots,” Polaha teases. “I think that you’re gonna see Emma and Baze engaged in like a hate/hate relationship at first. Baze always had the upper hand emotionally over Cate. He was always the guy that Cate always felt inferior to in high school. With Emma it’s completely different because Emma is Baze’s boss. He’s just trying so hard to prove himself.”

Emma will draw out a new side of Baze. “You’re going to see this amped up Baze,” Polaha tells us. “He’s so positive and he’s pushing so hard in the beginning because he really wants to be better and Emma is an amazing device to pull that out of him because she is a woman who is not gonna take s***. She’ll be like, ‘You’re either in or you’re out. Either grow up or get out.'”

Baze may be off hooking up with arsonist bartenders and proving himself to Emma, but Polaha still has faith in the bond between him and Cate.

Liz [Tigelaar, executive producer] will say, ‘How can your soul mate be a guy you had sex with on a bus in high school?'” Polaha tells us. “But I think that this world has sort of risen up around these two characters. They’re so compelling. If they’re not soul mates, then they’re definitely not less than best friends. Something special is there, and it’ll definitely get developed and get more specific as the season goes on.”

We all swooned when Baze finally admitted his feelings for Cate – even if she is sort of preoccupied with the whole marriage thing. “Baze felt something for this woman that he’s never felt for another woman before,” Polaha says. “It’s probably Baze’s first love and if that makes her his soul mate, then you know, I do think that Cate is very special to Baze. I do think he will cherish that and he will protect it and if it means that he’s gonna support her and Ryan, he’ll do that. He’s definitely going to stay in her life.”

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life unexpected fam large 'Life Unexpected's' Kristoffer Polaha: Are Baze and Cate soulmates?
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