lil bubs special special animal planet 'Lil Bub's Special Special': Super cute or super weird?It sounds like the cutest Saturday night of your life: An Animal Planet special starring internet sensation Lil Bub, in which the adorable cat hosts a sleepover with her best buddies Bunny, Guinea Pig and Pony.

So what did “Lil Bub’s Special Special,” which aired Saturday (Feb. 8), actually amount to? Mostly just comedienne/cat-sitter Amy Sedaris mugging as hard as possible while carrying on one-sided conversations with some spectacularly disinterested animals. (Seriously, Guinea Pig hid under the covers for most of the half-hour.)

Mixed in with Sedaris’ attempts at running a game of charades, a truly bizarre pizza order (yarn and pellet toppings with a side of a moving spot of light, please!) and Bub attempting her first prank phone call, musician Andrew W.K. hosted a show-within-the-show called “Party Animals” that was full of the requisite cute animal clips people turn to Animal Planet for. (RIP guest star Colonel Meow!)

And then things got super weird. W.K. came through the TV, everyone else but he and Bub disappeared, and the two made an acid trip of a music video — which, of course, was just a dream.

Truth be told, the entire thing felt like an acid trip. A super cute, super cuddly one, sure, but an acid trip nonetheless.

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Posted by:Billy Nilles