lil-wayne-deposition-tapes-seizure-pics-gi-925.jpgFans may have been laughing at Lil Wayne’s flippant responses to questions during a deposition for his lawsuit against Quincy Jones III, but the judge certainly wasn’t.

Following a medical emergency last week, the rapper was unable to appear in court. Lil Wayne’s lawyer said that the deposition tapes would be shown in his absence. On the tapes, the rapper tells Jones’ attorney, Pete Ross, “That’s a stupid a** question,” in response to Ross asking him if he’d given an interview with Katie Couric. He also tells Ross that he doesn’t remember events like being arrested and serving time in jail.

Lil Wayne also kinda, sorta, maybe issues a vague threat to Ross in the video, saying, “You know [the judge] can’t save you right? In the real world.”

According to MTV, the judge in the case called the rapper’s actions “unreasonable conduct in the deposition” and “irresponsible behavior.”

Lil Wayne is suing Jones for using his music in a documentary chronicling the rapper’s life as he was putting together the album “Tha Carter III.”  According to TMZ, Lil Wayne was down with the documentary at first but later disowned it, calling it a “scandalous portrayal.” 

Posted by:Jennifer Harper