lil wayne gi 925 Lil Wayne tells fans he's 'good' after hospitalizationsLil Wayne is doing well after multiple in-flight medical emergencies grounded two planes he was flying on. The rapper tweeted fans to thank them for their support after experiencing seizure-like symptoms and being hospitalized two days in a row.

“Thanx for all the prayers! I am good,” writes the rapper.

Although Wayne’s people have denied that he experienced seizures, instead saying he was suffering from migraines and dehydration, the pilot on one of the planes described his ailment as seizure-like when he radioed in the emergency before re-routing the plane so Wayne could go to the hospital.

His hospitalization could disrupt the court case he’s currently embroiled in because he might not be able to testify against the documentarian whom he accuses of portraying him in a scandalous light and using his music without his permission.

Posted by:Jean Bentley