Limp Bizkit is “Ready To Go” with the first single off their forthcoming album, “Stampede of the Disco Elephants.” The track features Lil Wayne and is produced by Polow Da Don. The first verse has Fred Durst spitting lyrics he has probably been waiting to “sing” for a while, particularly a special nod to his rumored ex-flame, Britney Spears. (NOTE: The video above contains language that may not be suitable for sensitive listeners.)

Here is a sample of the lyrics: 
“Back is the mother f***in’ rock god. 
I’m so poker face, ladies goin’ gaga. T
That’s right it’s Freddy D, the public enemy. 
You know the one that had Britney droppin’ to her knees. 
I don’t give a f***, I probably never will. 
B**** get at me if that a** is like Jessica Biel. 
Baby you’re a rock star — I know who the f*** I am. 
Forty million records later, I’m still the f***in’ man.” 
Along with Wayne’s verse, the slightly hip-hop feel to the mostly guitar-heavy song is a perfect fit for the band’s new label, Cash Money Records. The label, headed by Bryan “Birdman” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams generally caters to a different sound than what fans of Limp Bizkit are used to, with Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, and Busta Rhymes on its current roster.
Durst explained the attraction to the label in an interview with MTV last year. “Limp Bizkit, we were pioneering something of our own, sort of a revolution back in the day, and with Birdman and Slim, they really recognized that,” he says. “They just let us do what it is we do, and I really respect their work ethic. I love their music, and I’ve been a fan. To be a part of the family, it just feels like the only place that’s a perfect fit for Limp Bizkit and myself.”
Limp’s last studio album, “Gold Cobra,” was self-produced and debuted in 2009 to mixed reviews. “Stampede” is being produced by Ross Robinson, who produced the band’s 1997 hit album “Three Dollar Bill, Y’all,” so perhaps “nu metal” fans are in for a treat. Someone’s certainly excited about the album because when Durst posted a link to the new track, Limp Bizkit’s website crashed.
What do you think? Is the world ready for a Limp Bizkit comeback?
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